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Australia and India: MATES

Australia and India: MATES

A new migration deal signed between Australia and India is being hailed as a win for both nations. Accordingly, visa rules will be changed to boost labour mobility. Furthermore, this includes the creation of a new pilot scheme called MATES for Australia and India.

A new migration deal signed between Australia and India has been praised. The deal will create more opportunities for young people and early career professionals in both countries.

The migration deal was one of the two deals signed during Narendra Modi’s first visit to Australia in nine years, adding to a flurry of deals completed in the last year. An interim bilateral trade agreement has been in operation for five months, with plans to expand the scope and finalise the deal by the year’s end. That deal aims to boost bilateral trade to $100 billion.

India is Australia’s sixth largest trading partner with two-way trade in goods and services valued at $46.5 billion in 2022.

The 10-page migration agreement outlines new options for visa applicants to extend or apply for visas to boost labour mobility for students, graduates, academics, professionals and short-stay arrivals. There are also provisions to crack down on irregular migration and people smuggling.

Also contained in the deal is a new pilot program, known by the acronym MATES, for university graduates and early-career professionals in India to come to Australia on a two-year visa without sponsorship.

Anthony Albanese and Narendra Modi

Announcing the migration and green hydrogen agreements, Mr Modi said showed a new “depth” and “maturity” to the bilateral relationship.

Accordingly, “In the language of cricket, our ties have entered the T20 mode,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

He said the relationship was built on a common set of democratic values, and strengthened through trust and respect.

Furthermore, “The Indian community in Australia is a living bridge between our countries.”

The above article is from the SBS article:

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