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To Legal

To Legal is a boutique Australian law practice based in Melbourne.

We practise exclusively in Australian immigration law and have extensive experience with Australian visa applications, sponsorships and tribunal appeals (where necessary).

Moreover, we are an Australian law firm not an Australian immigration agency.

Our principal, Jay To:

  • holds a current Solicitor’s Practising Certificate
  • has been a lawyer for 20 years with 15 years working in Australian Immigration Law
  • has completed a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Finance double degree

As valued clients of To Legal, Jay will personally manage your immigration matter.

You will deal directly with Jay from the start until the end of the matter rather than just an introductory meeting with the principal or partner of a law firm and then the matter is handled by support or administrative staff.

We practise exclusively in Australian immigration law compared to some law firms who may just handle the odd immigration file and is not a major area of legal practice.

Furthermore, Jay is results driven and we speak in ‘plain English’ not ‘legal jargon’.

Basically, and in simple terms our main objective is to assist you to visit, work or migrate to Australia.

For all your immigration needs, contact us for professional, friendly and personalised immigration services.

Q & A – Overseas Clients

Should I hire an overseas agent?

In Australia, only Australian lawyers and registered migration agents are legally able to provide migration advice and services. Generally, Australian lawyers and registered migration agents must:

  • maintain up-to-date knowledge of migration law and procedures
  • keep a professional library with direct access to migration regulations
  • undertake continual professional development
  • hold professional indemnity insurance

By comparison, overseas agents don’t even need to be licensed or registered.

Do you speak my local language?

Surprisingly, a common misunderstanding is that we need to be able to speak your local language to be able to help you migrate to Australia.

English does not need to be your first language for us to help you and you only need to have basic English for our office to assist you.

Overseas Australian Government posts only communicate in English. Furthermore, the Australian Government does not accept document that is not in English unless with an attached English translation.

We have overseas clients from all over the world such as Japan, Greece, China, Albania, Poland and Kenya. Not knowing the local language has never been a problem as all written and verbal communications with the Australian Government and Home Affairs are in English.

To Legal