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Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate Visa

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International students who have recently completed their course in Australia can apply for the Temporary Graduate visa. Students must have the skills and qualifications that are relevant to specific occupations that Australia requires. International students will be able to live, study and work in Australia temporarily.

This temporary visa has two options:

The visa period for this temporary visa is:

  • Graduate Work stream – 18 months (24 months now)
  • Post-Study Work stream – two to four years

Basic Eligibility

The international student must:

  • have not turned 50 years of age
  • be the main holder of a current student visa (but not one supported by the Defence or Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister)
  • have held a student visa within the past 6 months before the visa application is lodged and now have a Bridging visa A, Bridging visa B or substantive visa
  • have completed the course within the 6 months prior to lodgment
  • meet the Australian study rule of being awarded at least 1 degree, diploma or trade qualification which comprised of at least 92 weeks of study and the course was not completed in less than 16 calendar months
  • have necessary English level, namely an overall band IELTS score of at least 6.0 with at least 5.0 in each of the test components
  • For Graduate Work stream
  • For Post-Study Work stream
    • have a degree qualification or higher

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Temporary Graduate Visa

Temporary Graduate visa (485)
Base application charge
Non-internet application charge
Additional application charge (18 and over)
Additional application charge (under 18)

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