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Immigration Scams

Immigration Scams

Migration Agents Melbourne · Immigration Scams · To verify that To Legal is a law firm, we provide links to the Legal Services Board website.

Undeniably, the Internet and modern technology are revolutionary items and have changed our lives and in most cases for the better. Especially from a social point of view as it has allowed friends and family members to keep in touch with each other across international borders and businesses to operate more smoothly across international waters. However, unfortunately with these benefits, there is a high risk of exposure to scams and fraud, including immigration scams.

Therefore, to give comfort to our potential clients (in particular overseas clients) that they are dealing with a legitimate, registered and licensed law firm, we encourage visitor to our website to independently verify that our principal, Jay To is an Australian Lawyer (click to verify).

Immigration Scams in the Media

Undoubtedly, scams and fraud come in different shapes and sizes and occurs in different industries, which include the Australian immigration industry. For example, immigration scams are exposed in the media:

To reduce the risk of being a potential victim of a fraud or scam, we recommend visitors to ‘Migration Agents Melbourne’ to look for ‘Warning Signals‘ such as where a business:

  • has no address
  • has no phone number
  • does not show its Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN), if a registered migration agent

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then 9 times out of 10, it is unlikely to be true.

Therefore, for professional immigration services, contact Migration Agents Melbourne.

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