Business Talent Visa

Successful business owners or part owners of a business who want to have a major management role in an existing or new business in Australia, or successful entrepreneurs can apply for the Business Talent visa.

An Expression of Interest must be lodged to be invited or alternatively be nominated by a state or territory government. After invitation is received that the business owners can apply for the business visa.

The Business Talent visa has two (2) categories, namely:

  • Significant Business History stream
  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream

Business Talent Visa – Visa Requirements

For the Significant Business History stream, the applicant must:

  • be under 55 years of age
  • a businessman with no involvement in unacceptable business activities and genuine desire to own and manage a business in Australia
  • have net assets of at least $400,000 in a business in at least two (2) of the last four (4) years before being invited to apply
  • have total assets of at least $1.5 million that can be legally transferred to Australia within two (2) years of the visa being granted
  • have a total turnover of at least $3 million in a business in at least two (2) of the last four (4) years before being invited to apply
  • satisfy the ownership requirement in a business

For the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, the entrepreneur must:

  • have obtained at least $1 million in funding from an Australian Venture capital firm to establish, develop and commercialise a promising high value business idea

Business Talent Visa – Visa Charges

Business Talent visa
Base Application Charge
Additional Application Charge (18 and over)
Additional Application Charge (under 18)

Business Talent Visa